Code Enforcement - Abandoned Property

The Code Enforcement Division would like to take the opportunity to inform all mortgagees who hold a mortgage on real property located within the city that they are required to register each abandoned / vacant property with the City (registration form .pdf).  On June 3, 2008, the City Commission approved Ordinance No. 2008-109, establishing Chapter 16 ½ (.pdf) regarding abandoned real and personal property.  Among other things, this Chapter establishes the responsibilities for mortgagees concerning registration, maintenance and security of abandoned real properties.  As part of the maintenance you are required to inspect the property on a biweekly basis.  A separate Registration form is required for each vacant property, along with the annual registration fee of  $150.00.  Checks for the registration fee should be made payable to the City of Coral Springs.  The Code Enforcement Division will process all applications and may inspect the property on a regular basis to ensure compliance with Chapter 16 ½. 

The City of Coral Springs and the Code Enforcement Division would like to work as partners with the mortgagees on these vacant properties to avoid declining property values in our neighborhoods.  The cooperation between the City and these companies can provide tremendous help to these neighborhoods during these difficult economic times. 

If you should have any questions in regards to this new ordinance you can contact the City of Coral Springs Code Enforcement Division at (954) 344-5964. 



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