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Portable Storage Units

On March 18, 2003, the City Commission adopted Ordinance No. 2003-106, providing regulations on the use and time frame for "portable storage units". The Commission agreed to a 120-day, "phasing in" period to notify companies that provided this service, time to register with the City. The effective date of this ordinance for enforcement will be July 17, 2003.

Special provisions for portable storage units.

a) Portable storage units may be located in single-family and two-family zoning districts. Portable storage units may be allowed in other multi-family districts only upon the applicant demonstrating, to the satisfaction of City staff, that the specific location/complex has sufficient space to place a portable storage unit and continue to provide adequate parking, public safety access and comply with all health, safety and welfare concerns. Portable storage units are expressly prohibited in all other zoning districts.

(b) Prior to commencing business in the City, the portable storage company must obtain an annual permit from the City outlining the obligations and requirements prior to conducting business in the City. In addition, the portable storage company must provide a cash bond or letter of credit to ensure the timely removal of the portable storage units and compliance with this section.

(c) The total square footage for portable storage units on any site shall not exceed one hundred thirty (130) square feet in area.

(d) Portable storage units in single-family and two-family zoning districts shall be placed only in the driveway and be set back a minimum of ten (10) feet from the front property line.

(e) No portable storage unit shall remain at a site in excess of three (3) consecutive days. No portable storage units shall be placed at any one (1) location in excess of six (6) days in a calendar year for single-family and two-family zoning districts. Not withstanding the time limitations as stated above, all portable storage units shall be removed immediately upon the issuance of a hurricane warning by a recognized governmental agency. The removal of the storage units during a hurricane warning is the responsibility of the provider/owner of the unit.

(f) Prior to placing a portable storage unit on any site, the owner/operator of the unit must apply for a site permit. The exterior of the storage unit shall have a weatherproof clear pouch, which must display the site permit. The portable storage units must be of a color approved by the city.

(g) Other than the permit holder pouch, there shall be no signs, lettering or other markings allowed on any portable storage unit.

(h) The owner, operator and/or renter of the portable storage unit shall be responsible to ensure that the portable storage unit is in good condition, free from evidence of deterioration, weathering, discoloration, rust, ripping, tearing or other holes or breaks. When not in use, the portable storage unit shall be kept locked. The owner and operator of any site on which a portable storage unit is placed shall also be responsible that no hazardous substances are stored or kept within the portable storage units.

(i) It shall be unlawful for any person to place or permit the placement of a portable storage unit on property which he or she owns, rents, occupies or controls without first obtaining a site permit and approval from the zoning division.
Violations of any part of this section are subject to fines as described in section 1-8 of the Municipal Code of the City of Coral Springs.