Answers to some typical questions regarding Landlord Registration:

  • The purpose of the Ordinance is to maintain a true and accurate listing for who owns each rental property. In the case of emergency or property disrepair, City staff can spend an inordinate amount of time simply determining who is the responsible party.
  • A rental property is classified as a business and is required to have a business license, therefore the required landlord registration information is considered business information – not personal.
  • The $56 registration fee is per parcel – not per rental unit.
  • Based on the Cost of Service Study, a fee of $56 was determined to be needed to allow the City to recover the costs associated with this program.
  • The costs to provide this service included:
    • Approximately 5,000 staff hours required to implement, maintain, and supervise this program including the time to develop a rental property owner mailing list, prepare packages for mailing, process returned applications, process payments, populate electronic record of information, enforce ordinance, follow-up on incomplete data, track compliance, and process late transactions.
    • Costs associated with producing and mailing materials.
    • Costs associated with developing a communication campaign.
    • Other costs associated with this program include computer time, electricity, financial oversight, city attorney oversight, credit card fees, and code vehicles costs.

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