Commissioner Tom Powers

Tom PowersCommissioner Tom Powers is a retired police officer/detective from Arizona’s State Police Department (1980-2001). Tom is married to Teresa. They have three children;

Brendon, serving in the U.S. Navy,
Danny a senior at the University of North Florida
Alexis, a sophomore at the University of Central Florida

In 2001 Teresa was offered the opportunity to promote and advance her career. The advancement involved transferring from Arizona to Florida. Tom retired and became a stay-at-home dad for their children, allowing Teresa to concentrate on her growing career. Tom and Teresa quickly embraced the Coral Springs’ way of life. Upon arriving, Tom became involved in the community, continuing his dedication to public service. His volunteerism has included his service as head of the PTO at his children’s school, and as a member of the Coral Springs Education Committee. Tom has coached for the Coral Springs Youth Soccer League for many years, as well as for the baseball and volleyball teams at his children’s school. Tom will explain that this gave him the opportunity to work with our youth as opposed to his prior career where too many young people were introduced to the criminal justice system.

Upon being elected to the Coral Springs City Commission in 2008 Tom quickly went to work. The following are a small sampling of Tom’s commitment to date:

  • Tom assisted in supporting the business community by introducing indexing and monument signs to bring awareness to the public while increasing businesses exposure.

  • Tom gained the support of his colleagues to recognize businesses who had been in existence for 20 or more years. Tom recognizes that it’s not just about bringing new business to Coral Springs but also supporting those who committed to this city many years ago. Tom continues with this commitment by supporting and working closely with the Coral Springs Chamber of Commerce.

  • Tom initiated a successful program (Workcoralsprings.org) to connect Coral Springs residents seeking employment with Coral Springs businesses seeking employees. This is still a very successful program today

  • To assure a more transparent government, Tom gained the support of his colleagues to codify the city’s procurement policy as well as required lobbyist to register with the City so the public knew who elected officials are meeting with and why.

  • Tom was successful in gaining the support of his colleagues to make the city’s budget process more transparent and open by adding additional meeting dates to the budget adoption process. This increased citizen input and the opportunity to have concerns addressed prior to adoption. This assures the commission adopts a citizen’s budget and not a government budget.

  • Tom supported the hiring of an internal auditor. This position provided an independent review of the operation and opportunities for the city. Tom helped lead the effort to move the city in a new direction. Over the last four years the city has identified and implemented a savings of over $35,000,000.00 of tax payer dollars.

  • Tom worked to provide additional resources to the Coral Springs Police Department to assist in reducing crime in Coral Springs. This included the hiring of six additional police officers to meet the growing needs of our citizens.

  • Tom has worked well with the Fire department to assure they remain the finest in the state. Tom fully supports the fire departments desire to offer new and forward thinking ideas such as their newest concept to offer in home treatment in appropriate situations to reduce cost to the patient as well as reduce the burden on hospital emergency rooms.

  • Tom has worked closely with our School Board, county, state and federal representatives to address the concerns of the citizens of Coral Springs.

Tom serves on the following committees:

  • Coral Springs Parent Education Committee
  • Coral Springs Customer Involved Government Committee
  • Broward League of Cities (BLC) Board of Directors
  • BLC Public Safety Committee
  • The BLC Scholarship Committee
  • National League of Cities Public Safety Steering Committee

Tom is a member of the Knights of Columbus as well as the Coral Springs Kiwanis.

Being retired, Tom makes himself available to his constituents all day and has devoted the majority of his time to being your voice in government.

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