Our Diversity

To address our fast-growing diversity needs, Coral Springs is proud to have taken the lead in Broward County, Florida by establishing a Multi-Cultural Advisory Committee in February 1995. The Committee is made up of volunteers and is assisted by a staff member who acts as a liaison between the City and the community.  Since its inception, the Committee has received several requests for information as well as visits from other cities and organizations that have been interested in pursuing the same direction that Coral Springs has taken in the multi-cultural area. Our Committee has also secured representation on Broward County’s Diversity Advisory Council Executive Committee to keep abreast of countywide activities and programs. The Coral Springs Multi-Cultural Committee was honored in 1998 when it was selected to be showcased on President Clinton’s website entitled “One America in the 21st Century – The President’s Initiative on Race – Promising Practices.”

To promote events of a cultural and educational nature, the City offers a Special Events Funding Program to encourage non-profit organizations to host their events in our community.  This funding attracts valuable events to Coral Springs thereby enriching the quality of life of our residents.

To help make “Strength in Diversity” an asset to the City of Coral Springs, the committee chose to focus attention in the areas described below. 

Another very valuable facet of our community’s diversity is provided by the Coral Springs Martin Luther King, Jr. Committee, which is also made up of volunteers dedicated to honoring the life and works of Dr. King.  This committee was established in 1991 and has developed various programs and events over the years to perpetuate the dream of this great civil rights leader.

Unitown Cultural night on Chinese TV's news



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