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The trapping and taking of wildlife in the State of Florida is governed by Florida Freshwater Fish and Game
Commission. Due to the policies of this state agency the City of Coral Springs Humane Unit no longer provides
traps to the citizens for the removal of wildlife.
The Florida Freshwater Fish and Game Commission has issued trapping permits to numerous companies and
individuals. Prices vary between companies to trap or pick up a confined animals.   For the complete list of
approved licensed trappers, call the Florida Freshwater Fish and Game  Commission (Everglades Region) at
561-640-6100 or 800-432-2046. The Yellow Pages also lists trappers under Animal Removal Services.
City of Coral Springs Code:
Trapping of any animal, reptile or fowl
(a) Trapping of any animal, reptile, or fowl shall be prohibited by any person not in possession of a
Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission trapping permit.
(b) No person shall transport or relocate any trapped Florida native wildlife animal to any other location
without property owner permission and a Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission transport
(c) No person shall relocate any animal, reptile or fowl not native to Florida.
(d) No person shall set any inhumane trap for the purpose of capturing any animal, reptile, 
or fowl on any public or private property.
(e) No person shall dispose of any trapped or confined animal, reptile, or fowl in an inhumane manner.
(f) No person shall set a trap in any area that may pose a threat to the life and well-being of target
animal. Threat shall mean, but not limited to, setting near any waterway or pool without securely staking
the trap to the ground to prevent death by drowning or setting on a roof top exposing the animal to
extreme temperatures or weather conditions. 
Any trap found in violation of this sub-section will be confiscated as contraband.
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