Message from Fire Chief Frank Babinec

Frank BabinecFrank Babinec was appointed as the Chief of the Fire Department for the City of Coral Springs in February of 2014; The fire department consists of approximately 400 members; 10 Fire Administrative Staff, 147 Shift Personnel, 10 Fire Inspection Staff, 8 Fire Academy Administrative Staff, 100 Emergency Service Instructors and 140 Community Emergency Response Team members.

A native Floridian, and a resident of Coral Springs since 1991, Chief Babinec joined the department in 1993 as a volunteer firefighter and was hired full-time in 2000 as the training officer, he spent 7 years as an Assistant Chief (shift commander) and another 7 years as the Deputy Chief of Operations, dedicating over 20 years of service to our community. Chief Babinec spent 12 years as a Lead Instructor for the Coral Springs Fire Academy. Chief Babinec holds a Bachelor's degree in Organizational Leadership and an MBA in Public Administration and possesses a Chief Fire Officer designation from the Center for Public Safety Excellence.

To contact Chief FranK Babinec: csfd@coralsprings.org