2825 Coral Springs Dr.
Coral Springs, FL 33065



Coral Springs Fire Department needed to house volunteers in a central location, which would become the backbone of City services. The building, located at 2801 Coral Springs Drive, would become home of Station 4. The building was home to the Police Department and other essential public safety services. Station 4 gave way to its Broward County designation of number 80 and became the City’s main fire station because of its location in the heart of Coral Springs. Heavy call volunteer and the transition from a volunteer to paid professional department placed a heavy toll on the small firehouse. The City recognized the need for an expansion, so 2010 marked a new era in the City with a complete Station 80 transformation meant for career firefighters. The new Station 80, adjacent to the renovated Public Safety Building, is located at 2825 Coral Springs Drive. "Grand Central Station" will provide service to the community for years to come.


Coral Springs Fire Department has its first fire station that is certified as a LEED building. The fire station is equipped with solar panels on the roof. The panels generate electricity that help with the offset of the cost of running the fire station. Please visit the website www.coralspringsfirestationsolar.com and see how your new fire station is going green and helping the environment.


Response Area

Station 80
Station 80


Total for July-September 2013

Total Calls for Station 80: 534

Fire Service Calls: 14
Fire Response Time: 4:44

EMS Service Calls: 387
EMS Response Time: 5:00

Other Service Calls: 133

Total Calls for All the Stations: 3,362

Fire Service Calls: 43
Fire Response Time: 4:40

EMS Service Calls: 2,491
EMS Response Time: 4:51

Other Service Calls: 828