CityTV 25

City TV has a viewership of more than 22,000 of Advanced Cable Communications  and AT&T U-Verse subscribers. Residents can also watch CityTV online at their convenience, either by choosing video on demand or streaming it live.

CityTV is available on Channel 25 on Advanced Cable Communications and on Channel 99 on AT&T U-Verse.

The City of Coral Springs now installed closed-captioning for the Live City Commission meetings at City Hall. The displays will help communicate proceedings to deaf and hard-of-hearing members of the audience during Commission meetings at City. It’s also useful for people who are learning English or who just want to keep the volume down.

U-Verse will automatically have the closed captioning available during the Commission Meetings. For other cable subscribers, please follow the instructions below.

Closed Captioning Instructions:

  1. Go to the menu or setting features on your TV and find the option for Closed Captioning. Select either CC1 or Caption1.
  2. If your TV doesn't support Closed Caption, Advanced Cable subscribers can use their digital converter box (see directions below).

Using the remote for your Advanced Cable digital converter –

  • Turn on the digital converter
  • Press the Power button and immediately press the Menu button
  • A black & white screen titled User Settings should appear
  • Use the down arrow button located below the OK/SEL button and scroll down to Closed Captions
  • Use the right arrow button to Enable Closed Captions
  • Then press the Power button and the converter/TV set should come back on with the Closed Captions displaying for those channels where the program originator has provided them
  • Follow the same instructions to Disable Closed Captions

If you are still having problems with your Advanced Cable digital converter box, please click: http://www.advancedcable.net/FAQs.html#14

For more information, please contact Matt Hoffman: mhoffman@coralsprings.org

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