Burglary Prevention

Burglary is the most common serious crime which occurs in the City of Coral Springs. Unfortunately, you will not be able to tell if a person is or isn't a burglar. Your only defense is to create an environment in which burglaries are less likely to occur. This can be accomplished by methods of physical security. Listed below are proven methods which should discourage most burglars from turning your possessions into their profits:

    A "Thumb Turn Deadbolt" can be used on all doors where windows are not in or near the door. Be sure that the bolt has at least a one inch throw and that the strike plate is attached securely through the door frame into the home structure.
    The most inexpensive way to secure a sliding glass door is to insert 1-1/2 inch sheet metal screws into the top of the door frame at both ends and in the middle. Adjust the screws so that the door barely clears them when it is operated. In addition, insert a dowel stick into the door track. This will keep the door from being lifted and removed from the track and from being forced open.
    There are many types of alarms available commercially. The most important factor in selecting an alarm is to determine what your individual needs are and then select an alarm which will best meet these needs. Motion sensors are suggested for the master bedroom area. All valuables should be contained in a safe that is preferably sunken into the floor.
    To prevent a burglar from concealing his activities, exterior lighting should be installed to illuminate all doors and windows. Numerous commercial ornamental and functional lights are available with sensors or timers which will turn the lights on and off.
    Thick foliage provides the burglar with a place to work undetected. Shrubs near windows and doors should be no higher than 2-3 feet. Consider planting thorny shrubs or bushes near windows. Large trees near the house should be pruned. Keep all ladders inside the garage when not being used. When on an extended vacation, make sure you have the grass cut and stop paper deliveries.
    Do not display your name on the mailbox. A burglar may be able to locate your telephone number from it and call to see if you are home. Street numbers are required and must be visible from the street. House numbers should be placed on both sides of the mailbox.
    Remember to always keep your garage door closed. This will prevent thefts from your garage. When it is left open, a burglar can tell by the number of cars who is and who is not home.
    Your best security device is your neighbors. Arrangements should be made with your neighbors to report any person or condition which is not consistent with the neighborhood. Statistics show that in neighborhoods where residents are concerned with their mutual safety, crime rates are lower. Advise a close neighbor when you will be gone for an extended period of time. Do not hide an extra house key; instead trust a neighbor and give them the extra key. When valet parking your car, or leaving it for service, remove the other keys from your key ring. Burglars have been known to duplicate house keys.
    If you return home and find a door or window unexpectedly open or ajar, don't go in. Go to your nearest neighbor and contact the police. If possible, watch from a distance and keep the police dispatcher informed of any activity that you observe.
    Often a burglar will drive or walk through a subdivision looking for a home that appears unoccupied. This can be determined by clues such as an open garage without cars, an accumulation of mail or newspapers or notes stuck on the door. The burglar will then approach the residence and ring the doorbell. If a resident answers, the burglar may pretend to be lost and ask for directions. If you have someone approach you in this manner, call the police. Try to get a description of the person, any involved vehicle, and direction of travel.
    • Install anti-theft devices
    • Install steering wheel locking devices
    • Lock car doors and close windows
    • Don't leave valuables in car in plain sight
    • Park in a well lit are.