Community Involvement Unit

Community Involvement establishes cooperation and involvement of all aspects of the community through meetings with the business and residential communities and the youth of Coral Springs. The major responsibility of Community Involvement is to establish and maintain open communications with the community as a whole. The Community Involvement Officer is a Law Enforcement Officer who is responsible for developing and perpetuating community crime prevention programs and reports directly to the Unit Supervisor. The Community Involvement Coordinator is a non-sworn employee who is responsible for child and elderly safety and awareness programs.

The Community Involvement Unit administration and supervision staff:

Captain Chris DePalma, pdglr@coralsprings.org
Officer Glenn Roberts, 954-344-1835, pdglr@coralsprings.org
Lynn Martzall, lm@coralsprings.org
Betty Webb, 954-346-1726, bw@coralsprings.org