Greg Tony
Sergeant Greg Tony

Coral Springs Police Officer – 9 Years  
Bachelor’s Degree, Criminology, Florida State University
Master’s Degree, Criminology, Nova Southeastern University
Prior Experience – Contract Administrator for the State of Florida
Experience with CSPD – Road Patrol, Sub-Station Officer, B.E.A.R. Officer, SWAT Team Member, Field Training Officer

Why did you pursue a career in Law Enforcement?
I’ve always found the profession to be an honorable way to serve my community and country. The idea of fighting for people who can’t fight for themselves in conjunction with providing a safe and secure environment for people to live and work is noble.

Why did you choose to work for the Coral Springs Police Department?
In 2005, I did a vast amount of research on law enforcement agencies here in south Florida. Coral Springs Police Department made a solid impression on me. I appreciated the fact that officers were supplied with new patrol vehicles, rifles, handguns and holsters, along with other mission essential equipment. Moreover, I found the retirement pension of 20 years services to be most attractive. Lastly, I was please to see the department is young and progressive.

What is your favorite part of the job?
SWAT! I have been a SWAT officer for approximately 5 years now. I enjoy being a member of the department’s most elite core of officers. I love all the equipment, training and operations that we conduct. It’s awesome being the police department’s “911”.

What do you like to do outside of work to alleviate the stress encountered on the job?
I tend to do daily Crossfit exercises to maintain fitness and alleviate the stresses brought on by routine police work. I enjoy reading, traveling, and spending time with family and friends in general social settings.

Do you have any words of encouragement or advice for prospective minority and/or female applicants about becoming a police officer?
Regardless of your race, skin color, or gender, a career in law enforcement is no different than any other. Whatever ethnic or gender based diversity you may bring forth to this profession is secondary. When you become a police officer, you are “Blue” first. Civilians and Officers alike are counting on you to do your job as a professional. Always remember this creed! Be sure to be your very best and never feel sorry for yourself or find a crutch to lean on.