Chantel Mears
Officer Chantel Mears

Amy Allen
Lieutenant Amy Allen

"Despite the gains women and other minorities have made in the field of law enforcement, the reality is that we will always have our detractors. You cannot be discouraged by the vocal minority. Work hard and stay humble and success
will find you."

Greg Tony
Sergeant Greg Tony

"When you become a police officer,
you are “Blue” first.  Civilians and Officers alike are counting on you to do your job
as a professional. Always remember this creed!"

Mark Guard
Officer Mark Guard

Our Diversity


Thank you for taking the time to consider
a career with the Coral Springs Police Department.

It is my goal that the Coral Springs Police Department is recognized as the premier agency in South Florida in which to build a fulfilling and productive, long-term law enforcement career, regardless of one's ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or personal beliefs. To achieve this we focus on fostering a culture of respect by acknowledging the diverse backgrounds, unique experiences and individual perspectives each of our members bring to the workplace. Please take a moment to review the profiles and responses of our members pictured below. While their backgrounds vary, each member exemplifies the quality of individual we seek to employ. 

Diversity appreciation and respect, in all its dimensions, is a cornerstone of our department and a fundamental aspect of the way we police our community. I encourage you to find out for yourself by applying today to join our team.

Chief Pustizzi
Chief Tony Pustizzi

Ashley Kozlowski
Officer Ashley Kozlowski

Ebony Winn
Officer Ebony Winn

"My favorite part of the job is interacting with the youth. This job gives me a wonderful platform to help shape the lives of kids who would go in the wrong direction with no advice/guidance. "

Xavier Reinoso
Detective Xavier Reinoso

"There are so many aspects of my job that I truly enjoy. Being part of a Specialized Unit gives me the opportunity to be involved in most of the department’s top priority cases and arrests. Another advantage of being in a Specialized Unit is the freedom to roam not only city wide, but also the Tri-County region. I have had the opportunity to work with a great bunch of officers from all over South Florida."