Street Intelligence Unit

The Coral Springs Street Intelligence Unit is assigned to the Special Operations Component. Individuals assigned to this unit are highly motivated and have demonstrated a proactive approach to preventing crimes. Street Intelligence officers use community policing as a means to better understand the needs of the residents and create an information exchange corridor.

The officers assigned to the Street Intelligence Unit have an office at 4138 N.W. 88th Ave. located in Ramblewood East Condos. Their responsibilities include: Tracking crime trends, locating wanted individuals, tracking probationers, and Section 8 housing issues.

The Street Intelligence Unit conducts proactive problem–solving techniques and strategies to create a safer environment for residents, business owners, and visitors.

The Street Intelligence Unit is headed by Sgt. Weissman. He can be reached at (954) 346-1763 or DWeissman@coralsprings.org.

The direct office number: (954)346-1860