Strategic Enforcement Team (SET)

The Strategic Enforcement Team (SET) responsibilities include, but are not limited to, monitoring and addressing any increase in crime trends within the city. This would include residential and auto burglaries, robberies, auto theft and any special problems that arise. We serve arrest warrants and locate fugitives while working closely with the various county agencies.

The SET Unit also investigates any gang related crimes including graffiti cases. We maintain an intelligence database that documents and tracks gang members within the State of Florida. Officers assigned to this unit teach the gang portion of the Gang Resistance And Drug Education Program (GRADE) to 5th grade students in the elementary schools in our city. We also educate the parents about gangs in our adult programs for the P.T.A.

The SET Unit is headed by Sergeant Nick Mazzei. He can be reached at (954) 346-1795 or via e-mail nmazzei@coralsprings.org.