Internet Safety - Warning signs that your child might be at risk

If your child is spending long hours online, especially at night, that could be a sign that are at risk. If there are phone calls from people you don't know or unsolicited gifts arriving in the mail, it's a good idea to ask your child about any Internet contacts. If your child suddenly turns off the computer or minimizes a chat screen when you walk into the room, ask why and monitor computer time more closely. Withdrawal from family life and reluctance to discuss online activities are other signs that you need to look more closely at what your child is doing online.

By taking an active role in your child's Internet activities, you'll be ensuring that he or she can benefit from the wealth of valuable information the Internet has to offer, without being exposed to any potential dangers. If you have any questions, please e-mail the Police Department at internetsafety@coralsprings.org

If you would like to schedule a presentation or are interested in receiving some information, e-mail internetsafety@coralsprings.org. Don’t forget to watch CityTV 25 for programming related to Internet Safety and visit this page often, as we will be updating tips and other useful information.