Youth Liaison Unit

The Youth Liaison Unit’s main responsibility is to develop programs relating to delinquency and substance abuse prevention, peer pressure and other ethical issues for classroom presentations. Members assigned to this unit have the responsibility to develop and implement programs intended to control the delinquent criminal behavior of juveniles. This is accomplished by presenting pro-active programs throughout the primary and secondary schools. Some of the programs offered are:

School Resource Officer Program
The School Resource Officer Program emphasizes a pro-active approach toward developing a working as well as trusting relationship between students, parents, school personnel and the police. SRO's are assigned to each public elementary, middle, charter and high schools throughout the city. They have attended courses related to conflict resolution and mediation, community relations, drug and gang programs.

Juvenile Civil Citation Program
The Juvenile Civil Citation Program (JCCP) provides an alternative to criminal prosecution for first-time offenders. Participants complete a six-week educational program and perform community service hours with local organizations. Young people who complete the program are not prosecuted. The program's success rate is impressive, as 96% of all program graduates have not been re-arrested. For more information on this program, please call Officer Ashley Kozlowski, JCCP Coordinator at (954) 346-1296 or via e-mail akozlowski@coralsprings.org.

School Crossing Guard Program
The City's School Crossing Guard Program is through the Youth Liaison Unit using contracted services. Crossing guards are provided for elementary and middle school students. Please call Sergeant Carla Kmiotek for more information at 954-346-1267or ckmiotek@coralsprings.org.

The Youth Liaison Unit administration and supervision staff:
Captain Chris DePalma, 954-346-1233, cdepalma@coralsprings.org.
Sergeant Carla Kmiotek, 954-346-1267, ckmiotek@coralsprings.org.
Sergeant Karla Hines, 954-346-1216, pdksh@coralsprings.org..
Betty Webb, 954-346-1746, bw@coralsprings.org.