Current Projects - 2014

List of Current Utility Projects:

  1. Forest Hills Well Field Rehabilitation:
    Rehabilitation of the existing wells of the Forest Hills Well Field Area to increase flow capacity to keep up with the portable water demand.

  2. Lift Stations Rehabilitation:
    Rehabilitation of existing City’s sanitary lift stations, to prevent sewer overflows and provides a reliable waste water collection system.

  3. Water Plant Improvements:
    To repair, replace or rehabilitated critical components in the water treatment process.

  4. Rehabilitation of Mullins Booster Station:
    To repair, replace or rehabilitate critical assets and components at the Mullins Booster Station.

  5. Galvanized Water Service Replacement:
    To replace the existing galvanized water pipes throughout the City’s utility service area, to ensure proper flow of water and increase water pressure to customers.

  6. Sanitary Sewer Lines Rehabilitation:
    To prevent the inflow and infiltration of ground water into the sewer lines to reduce waste water treatments costs.