Our Quality Initiative

The City of Coral Springs has been implementing the Baldrige criteria for the past 14 years. We run our City like a business, and it has proven to be successful.

Already a two-time Florida’s Sterling Award winner, Coral Springs has achieved national recognition for being the first local government to receive the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in 2007.

In October 2006, a team of examiners from the Baldrige program analyzed the City’s processes and determined how they compare to the criteria set by Baldrige. Because nonprofits were a pilot for Baldrige last year, no awards were made. Coral Springs applied for the 2007 Malcolm Baldrige Award in May 2007 and received the prestigious award in April 2008.

Although the Baldrige program began as a way for American businesses to compete more effectively around the world, the framework was developed to promote quality and excellence. The seven criteria form a set of values and core concepts that any organization – public or private – can use to its advantage.

Through this site, you will find out about Coral Springs’ business model, how we came to use the Baldrige criteria, the results our efforts produced and what’s next. We hope this will help you in achieving great success within your organization.

Our Business Model

In 1993, City Management implemented a Total Quality Management program designed to completely overhaul operations and service delivery by becoming customer-focused and quality oriented.

The central feature of the program was a new business model that would take us from “government as usual” to a high-performance municipal corporation. The strategic
and business planning system we use today—allocating resources strategically through data-driven decision making—was instituted in 1995.

The City’s business model begins with a two-year strategic plan to set priority areas and key intended outcomes. Next, an annual Business Plan is developed to include specific project initiatives. The City’s Operating Budget and Capital Improvement Plan are linked to these project initiatives; which are in turn linked directly to departmental performance measures and individual workplans. Results are reported quarterly for departmental performance measures and key intended outcomes. Final outcomes are published in our Annual State of the City Report, which features key highlights in each of the six priority areas: Customer-Involved Government; Neighborhood and Environmental Vitality; Financial Health and Economic Development; Excellence in Education; Family, Youth and Community Values; and Respect for Religious and Ethnic Diversity.

It didn’t take long for the new model to prove itself and in 1997, Coral Springs was awarded the Florida Governor’s Sterling Award, making it the first municipality to be awarded a state sanctioned, Baldrige-based quality award. In 2003, Coral Springs became a two-time Sterling winner.


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