Code Ranger Program

The Code Ranger Program, is an innovative approach to working with residents toward code compliance. The program was started in May 2009.

Trained Code Ranger volunteers are assigned to inspect neightboods and report back on possible code violations. The City sends a courtesy letter to property owners asking them to correct the violation. The program is focused on improving the appearance and safety of our neighborhoods.

Since the inception of the program, the Code Rangers have received a 70% compliance rate.

Our Goals

  • Encourage residents and property owners to maintain their homes and yards in order to preserve property values and discourage crime.
  • Allow Code Enforcement Officers the opportunity to devote more time to chronic, dangerous or complicated issues affecting the neighborhood.
  • Create a greater sense of community in each neighborhood by encouraging cooperation and increasing neighborhood pride.
  • Make Coral Springs a cleaner, safer and more attractive place for all residents.

News about our Code Ranger Program


    Mechanical Equipment
  1. Mechanical Equipment - must be screened from view with shrubs or fencing, and kept substantially concealed. (A/C, sprinklers and pool pumps)

    Maintain Roofs Discolored Roofs
  1. Maintain Roofs: Discolored roofs/deterioration/weathering must be restored to its original condition by cleaning.

  1. Vehicles – Keep vehicles operative at all times, don’t allow tires to go flat. Follow codes for parking/storage of commercial vehicle. The ordinance prohibits overnight parking, and at no time on Sunday are they allowed. You can be cited by Police Department.

    Foundation Shrubs
  1. Foundation Shrubs – Shrubs are required in front of all properties. Install recommended shrubs to meet the minimum landscaping requirements.

    No Goods, etc. displayed/stored
  1. No goods or materials or equipment shall be displayed or stored on the premises.

    Trash Receptacles
  1. Trash receptacles must be screened from view at all times from neighbors and street, and should not be left at curbside before or beyond specified hours. (No earlier than 7pm of day preceding pick up or later than 7pm the day of collection)

    All Landscaping
  1. All landscaping must be kept in a neat/healthy and orderly appearance, which includes, lawns, trees, plants and abutting canal banks.

    Tree Trimming
  1. Branch’s next to street lighting causes obstruction. Trim away any low hanging branches to clear obstruction from lighting and signage to ensure visibility and safety.

    Overgrowth – Lawn, shrubs, trees
  1. Overgrowth – Lawn, shrubs, trees need to be trimmed/mowed or edged and kept in a neat and orderly appearance to maintain esthetics.

    Dead Debris
  1. Dead Debris – Branches, trees or stumps that are decayed/dead must be removed and all stumps must be shaved/grinded.

    Building Exteriors
  1. Building Exteriors - Discolored walls, fascia, chipped paint, missing roof tile and signs of deterioration should be kept in good condition by cleaning or painting. (Check to see if a painting permit is required)

Requirements for Homeowners

  • House Address: All residents are required to have three-inch to nine-inch address numbers posted on the building in a location visible from the street.

  • Swimming Pools: Child safety is number one. Always keep an eye on little ones, as they are quick and on the move.  Use safety items around pools, such as baby gates, alarms on doors or windows. Maintenance of the pool is the property owner’s responsibility. Disinfect pool water so that water does not become stagnant pursuant to health standards under State law and County ordinance. Stagnant water attracts mosquitoes, which poses a health hazard as seen with outbreaks of Wes Nile Virus.

  • Fences: A permit is required upon the installation of a fence on your property. Information of type of material used will be issued when obtaining the permit.

  • Hedges: Hedges must be maintained at a height not to exceed four feet in a front yard, six feet in a street side yard and ten feet in a side and/or rear yard.

  • Basketball Hoops: A permanent basketball pole can be installed on your property at least 10 feet in from the property line. Remember-check the deed restrictions or homeowner’s association documents before making changes. Portable basketball poles should be stored on the property and not on the right-of-way when not in use.

  • Pets: Dogs must be leashed at all times and not allowed to roam freely. Remember to clean up after your pet and be a good neighbor.

  • Permits, Licenses & Registrations: If you are engaging in any business in Coral Springs, including home-based business. Before signing a lease, verify with the Zoning Division that your business is permitted within that zoning district and that there is sufficient parking to accommodate. Home-based business owner should provide a copy of the residential lease, deed or utility bill showing the owners name and address.