Clergy Coalition

The Coral Springs/Parkland Clergy Coalition is an informal professional federation of the spiritual leaders of local houses of worship. With the motto "supporting each other in fellowship as we serve our Maker and our community," the Coalition enables local religious professionals to learn from and work with each other so as to strengthen their own ministries and to enhance the quality of life in our community. The Coalition gives a unified religious voice in support of the City government, including coordination of invocations for Commission meetings and other civic occasions; advisement on issues ranging from family to youth to education; promoting an appreciation of pluralism and diversity; and coordination of the National Day of Prayer every May and the pre-Thanksgiving Interfaith Unity Service in November. Members of the Coral Springs/Parkland Clergy Coalition take turns hosting each other at breakfast meetings at 9:00 on the second Tuesday of every month, September through June. Local spiritual leaders wishing to receive notification of meetings and associated communications should contact the Coalition's Secretary at mazbatz@bellsouth.net

Invocation Program - In order to actively support and strengthen our faith communities, we want to leverage the resources that exist in our diverse houses of worship. One opportunity to foster inter-faith communication is with the invocation traditionally offered by various clergy at public meetings, programs and events. The City Clerk’s Office and the Multi-Cultural Advisory Committee work closely with the Clergy Coalition throughout the year, using them as advisors in interfaith matters and to organize interfaith events. With their assistance, City Staff will contact all the houses of worship in our community to invite their participation in our invocation process. Our goal will be to cultivate a large group of clergy volunteers, in order to reflect our culturally diverse community and create broad representation amongst our invocation participants.