Multi-Cultural Advisory Committee

Our History

Formed in February 1995, the Multi-Cultural Advisory Committee addresses the needs of a fast-growing community.  Coral Springs, with a population of approximately 130,000 residents, is striving to be “the nation’s premier community in which to live, work and raise a family”. The Coral Springs City Commission paved the way for this innovative process by developing a Strategic Plan incorporating seven strategic priorities to guide our quest for quality and organizational excellence – one of which is Strength in Diversity.  Twenty-four volunteers from the community were appointed by the Coral Springs City Commission to serve on the new Multi-Cultural Advisory Committee.  Later, three high school students were selected to serve as our liaisons with the local schools.  This number has grown to guarantee representation from all the local high schools.

Our Mission Statement

To recognize and develop responses to the growing diversity of the City’s population and to promote appreciation, acceptance and respect for cultural differences and similarities.

Our Guiding Values

  • We have a duty to create and maintain a harmonious community.  We are committed to each other and to an ethic that requires each individual to act responsibly to meet our shared needs, dreams and aspirations.
  • We believe that each person has an equal right to opportunities that allow full realization of that individual’s potential.
  • We acknowledge our responsibility to help foster a healthy living environment and affirm that we must sustain and cultivate relationships.
  • We have the obligation to learn from the past, to take responsibility for creating the future of the City of Coral Springs, and to affirm our role as a community whose strength lies in its diversity.

Our Vision

Being from diverse backgrounds and bound together by these shared values, we are committed to achieving the following vision for the City of Coral Springs:

  • Recognize
    To acknowledge the different value systems each culture has contributed in creating an efficient, competent and competitive workforce by recognizing the positive values of our cultural differences.
  • Honor
    To encourage personal pride in the City by respecting the contributions and perspectives of every resident nurtured by fair and equal treatment.
  • Celebrate
    To celebrate, experience and learn in creative ways about cultural differences; to increase our self worth by adding value to our lives through understanding and appreciation of others.

Our Awards

We are proud recipients of the following awards:

  • April 2003 - The Latin Chamber Estrellas Award for Non-Profit/Civic Organizations or Public Agencies/Governmental Organizations
  • May 2003 - Legal Aid Service of Broward County Diversity Award For the Public Good