Cultural Programs

Listed below are some of the programs and events that are currently held by the Multi-Cultural Advisory Committee:

"WorldFest" – an outdoor festival showcasing our diverse cultures that abound in the community at large. This event covers a spectacular array of multi-cultural music, entertainment, cuisine and culture celebrating as many ethnic groups as possible. There is a large Children’s Activity area devoted to educational and cultural games, arts/crafts and entertainment for the young ones. Games/Rides are also provided for more family fun.

"International Dinner Dance" – this is one of our more popular community events, held in September each year in celebration of Broward County Multi-Cultural Month.  The intention is to increase awareness and appreciation for the richness and uniqueness of the diverse cultures in our community.  This celebration gives people a chance to have fun and enjoy each other in a social setting while learning about different cultures and cuisines at the same time. Native attire is encouraged. Each year the event features a different country or part of the world.  Dinner, Dancing and live entertainment is provided  - all with a multi-cultural flair.

"International Peace Garden"– was developed by the Multi-Cultural Committee as a site for quiet times and peaceful reflection. It is located on the grounds of the Coral Springs Center for the Art and contains native Florida trees/plants. The unique feature of the Peace Garden is the collection of magnificent carved sculptures from international artists who used materials from all corners of the world in their work. This effort was coordinated by the Coral Springs Museum of Art.   The Garden was dedicated on September 21, 2005 in honor of the United Nation’s International Day of Peace. 

This site is used to host monthly Silent Peace Walks and annual Weekend of Peace celebrations, held in partnership with One Planet United, a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing appreciation of others in communities everywhere.

"CommuniTea"– is a unique tea party offering entertainment, an array of international teas and tea trivia with a multi-cultural flair.  Groups are encouraged to decorate their tables with a theme of their choice and prizes are awarded for the most uniquely decorated table. Guests are also asked to bring their own special teacup and share their favorite teacup story.  Participants are encouraged to wear ethnic attire to add to the multicultural ambiance.

"Eid Celebration"– is a community event that has been held since the September 11 incident in 2001. The purpose of this event is to encourage people to learn more about the Muslim community and culture with a view to eliminating any pre-existing fear or antagonism that usually stems from non-awareness of a particular group. This event is held in partnership with the Clergy Coalition, the Northwest Regional Library and The Muslim Neighbors of Coral Springs to provide educational information, clarification of truths and misconceptions, music, children’s crafts, henna hand painting and samples of cuisine from the Muslim world.  Dialogues on topics of interest in this area have proved to be very educational and enlightening.

"Heritage Month Celebrations"– The Committee assists in honoring cultural celebrations of individual ethnic groups by way of celebrating Broward County Heritage Months. Examples are Hispanic Heritage Month in September, Asian Pacific Heritage Month in May, Jewish Heritage Month in January and Haitian Flag Day in May. These events are held in cooperation with the N.W. Regional Library at the Coral Springs venue.

"Holiday Parade"– has always been well represented by our multi-cultural groups showcasing their rich cultures.  On December 2004, the Multi-Cultural Advisory Committee float was awarded the Vice-Mayor’s Cup for non-profit organizations.

Listed below are some of the programs and events that have been conducted in the past by the Multi-Cultural Advisory Committee:

"Colors of the World"– an art contest for students of all ages, depicting the multi-cultural aspects of the artist’s world.  In 2002, the program included work from students in Paraiso, Costa Rica, which was our international Partner City at the time.

"The Etiquette of Good Business"– A seminar was held on business etiquette and protocol tips to educate and boost skills in handling customers of diverse and international backgrounds, while building confidence in business/social dining.

"Cinco de Mayo"– A Hispanic festival gathering our Latin community together to pay tribute to this Mexican holiday.  The event was co-hosted by the Northwest Regional Library.

"Fiesta Coral Springs"– The "Cinco de Mayo" festival was renamed and evolved to include the celebration of all Latin cultures.