"National Day of Prayer" – (May 2005)– has been observed for the last 16 years on the front lawn of City Hall. Open to all the Houses of Worship that come together for a celebration and candlelight ceremony. Each House of Worship designates a youth from their congregation who addresses the audience for about 2 minutes, delivering a message of unity, friendship and hope.

"Interfaith Seder Service" – co-celebrated by a Christian minister and Jewish Rabbi, pointing out the similarities of the traditions and customs between Easter and Passover. (Up to April 2001) "Discover Islam and Celebrate Eid" - Exhibits, educational information, music, and entertainment sponsored by the Coral Springs Multi-Cultural Advisory Committee, in conjunction with the Muslim Neighbors of Coral Springs, and the Northwest Regional Library. Strengthen your knowledge of their background and hopes of a peaceful co-existence.

"Clergy Coalition" – within the City of Coral Springs, residents are served by thirty-eight religious congregations representing 22 different faith traditions. Through informal monthly fellowship as "Servants in the Springs," the spiritual leaders of these various Coral Springs faith circles not only support each other in general but also work together to plan two community-wide religious events each year: the pre-Thanksgiving Interfaith Unity Service in November and, with the City's Multi-Cultural Advisory Committee, the National Day of Prayer observance in May.