(Cassia fistula)


Height : 30 to 40 ft.
Canopy Spread : 30 to 40 ft.

The Golden-Shower Tree is a native of India and southeast Asia. It is a fast growing tree doing well in a wide range of well-drained soil conditions and it is moderately drought tolerant. Its name comes from the spectacular clusters of bright yellow flowers produced in the summer months. After the bloom large 1 - 2 foot long seed pods form on the tree and remain on the tree throughout the winter months. The dropping seed pods can be a significant litter problem if the tree is planted to close to paved surfaces.

In its native range various parts of this tree are highly prized for their medicinal properties. The uses range from using the seed pulp as a mild laxative to treating skin diseases with the bark and leaves.

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Close-up of flowers

Cassia fistula in bloom

Seed pods of Cassia fistula