(Chorisia speciosa)


Height : 35 - 40 ft.
Canopy Spread : 40 - 55 ft.

This native to South America produces large pink and white, five-petaled flowers that usually bloom in late fall or early winter when the rest of the tree is nearly bare. The resulting fruit is pear shaped and filled with seeds and silky white floss. The floss was at one time used to stuff pillows. In addition to these two conspicious features the trunk of young trees is green in color and the base of the trunk is covered by many large spines which become less prominent as the tree grows larger.

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Floss-Silk Tree in bloom

flower of the Floss-Silk Tree

Floss-Silk Tree Fruit

Floss Silk from fruit capsule

Spikes on the trunk of a young Silk-Floss Tree. Note the green color of the bark.