(Coccoloba diversifolia)


Height : 30 ft.
Canopy Spread : 35 ft.

Pigeon Plum is a native tree well suited for landscaping purposes. Young trees grow primarily vertical before forming a more dense spreading canopy as the tree grows older. The bark is thin and can easily be damaged. The bark on young trees is uniform grayish-brown in color but becomes more splotchy on older trees as plates of bark fall from the trunk. The leaves of the Pigeon Plum are dark green above and lighter green from below. As the botanical name "diversifolia" implies the leaves are not of uniform shape or size and range from almost round to oval and can be anywhere from 2 - 8 inches long.

The Pigeon Plum is a close relative of the Seagrape and is both salt and drought tolerant. Like the Seagrape it produces edible berries that can lead to a significant litter and staining problem if planted in the wrong place. The fruits are fit for human consumption and can be processed into jelly or wine.

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Vertical growth habit of young tree

Close-up of Pigeon Plum leaves

Pigeon Plum fruit


Pigeon Plum flowers