(Persea borbonia)


Height : 40 ft.
Canopy Spread : 45 ft.

The Redbay is a very rugged tree well adapted to a wide variety of soil and moisture conditions. These trees are found to be thriving in urbanized landscaping settings as well as in swampy and marshy natural areas. Care should be taken not to plant the tree too close to cars or paved surfaces as the small, dark blue fruits will stain. In addition birds will perch on the trees eating the fruits leaving droppings below. The shiny, elliptic, evergreen leaves are aromatic when crushed. The Red Bay is closely related to the European Bay which is frequently used as a a seasoning in stews or for roasts.

Some insects lay their eggs on Red Bay leaves causing the formation of galls. These galls can lead to a distortion of the leaves but do no serious or long lasting harm to the tree.

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mature tree

leaves and fruit

close-up of fruit

close-up of gall