(Acer rubrum)


Height : up to 70 ft.
Canopy Spread : 35 ft.

The Red Maple is one of the few truly deciduous trees native to South Florida. Red Maple gets its name not only from the reddish color of its fall foliage but also from the red leaf stalks, small red flowers and the reddish colored winged seeds.

Its preferred habitat is in low-lying wet areas and it can even tolerate standing water for some time. Frequently Red Maple and Bald Cypress are found growing together with the Cypress occupying the permanently submerged area and the Red Maple growing on the fringes. The Red Maple is the tree species with the widest North-South distribution along the east coast. It can be found from southern Canada through South Florida.

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The foliage of the Red Maple turns red in the fall or as in here in reaction to stress induced by lack of water.

A mature Red Maple planted as a memorial tree in a Coral Springs park.

The Red Maple features the typical "maple leaf" leaf shape. Also note the reddish color of the leaf stems.