(Pimenta dioica)


Height : 25 ft
Canopy Spread :

In Jamaica Allspice is known as 'Pimento' where it grows semiwild as a crop. Most of the world's supply is produced in Jamaica and the nearby islands but deliberate planting of pimento is negligible.

It is a small tree with oblong, feathery, aromatic leaves from the glandular dots on their underside. It shed its leaves twice a year.

Allspice has small white flowers which develop into clusters of brownish green, pleasantly spicy, pea-sized berries. The fruit is harvested while immature, as it is then most strongly flavored. The whole dried fruit is ground to produce the allspice powder of commerce. The allspice is used in cooking meats, vegetables, and desserts. Allspice as a name is due to the sense that it smells like cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg combined.


Allspice Tree

Allspice leaves and flower

Allspice fruit