(Psychotria nervosa)


USDA Plant Hardiness Zone: 10b - 11

Shiny Leafed Wild Coffee is a shade tolerant native shrub with flowers that attract butterflies and fruits that attract birds. The shiny leaves are an attractive, eye catching addition to any yard.

Wild Coffee will grow both in sun or shade. It tends to grow taller (up to 10 ft.) and spread out more (up to 8 ft.) in a shady setting while full sunlight keeps the plant smaller. Wild Coffee does well in a wide range of soils from acidic to alkaline and it is moderately drought tolerant. It is not freeze tolerant which explains why South Florida is the northern extent of this plants range. Aside from Florida it is a common understory shrub in the West Indies, Southern Mexico, Central America and some areas in South America.

Early settlers in Florida brewed a coffee substitute drink from the seeds of this plant.

A closely related plant is the Dull Leafed Wild Coffee.

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