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07-03-2008 Coral Springs/Margate Parkland/Coconut Creek Begin Automatic Aid Responses

On June 16th, 2008 Coral Springs Fire Department and Margate Fire Rescue entered into an automatic aid agreement that will decrease response times and increase the personnel on emergency scenes.  The new automatic aid agreement is as simple as it sounds; the closest unit will respond to a call in either city, regardless of which city that truck is assigned.  The agreement will allow a Coral Springs unit to respond to a call in Margate or Coconut Creek, or a Margate unit to respond to a call in Coral Springs or Parkland.  At this time this agreement is reserved for structure fire assignments, vehicle extrications, and dive rescue calls.  Since its implementation, units from both cities have already crossed boundaries to aid their neighbors in need.  Agreements such as this are not a common thing among agencies.  Prior to this agreement, mutual aid from a neighboring city had to be made through a neutral party, approved by a supervisor, and then a request was made to dispatch that unit.  This new strategy will eliminate any delay in response and allow the unit(s) to be dispatched immediately.   Since its implementation, Margate units have responded to calls in Coral Springs fifteen times.  Dramatic improvements in response times and on-scene personnel have already been evident in such a short time.





Coral Springs and Margate Fire Department Facts:


Coral Springs Fire Department

Personnel: 150 Firefighters

Number of Stations:  8

Number of Fire Engines:  6

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