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January 17, 2007: City proclaims January as Alzheimer’s Awareness Month
The City Commission declared January as Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. According to the National Alzheimer's Association, an estimated 4.5 million Americans have Alzheimer's disease. As a result, Coral Springs implemented an innovative program called Project Lifesaver during the summer of 2006. This program assists emergency personnel in their search for wandering or missing persons with Alzheimer’s disease, autism and other medical conditions. Clients wear a personalized wristband that emits a tracking signal, and through the use of this technology, search times have reportedly reduced from hours or days to only minutes. For more information about this program, please call 954-344-1833. With ten to 20 million more Americans at risk of developing the disease, this is the perfect time to learn about Alzheimer’s and find out how you can help. For more information on Alzheimer’s, visit

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