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JANUARY 2009: Decoding a Primary Source

The required approvals are independent of City and/or neighborhood association approvals and can only be given by the original developer of the property.  The first structure built in Coral Springs was a real estate sales office on the corner of Wiles Road and State Road 7, now the Museum of Coral Springs History in Mullins Park.  The second was the Coral Springs Covered Bridge, along 95th Avenue near Wiles Road.  Neither is listed in the ledger because they were supposed to be temporary according to George Hodapp, Coral Ridge Properties architectural engineer and designer of both structures.
It was difficult to find a Coral Springs listing in the ledger covering 1961to1970 as entries are primarily for Fort Lauderdale properties and are written in shorthand.  The first Coral Springs approval is September 15, 1964, written in red pencil as ‘CR SPR. ENTRY’.  Then the only access to the City was on Wiles Road and Ste. Rd. 7 so it must have been for the billboard in front of the sales office, says Coral Ridge Properties president Robert Hofmann.  That sign would now be a code violation, he said with a laugh.  From then on, all Coral Springs approvals were in red.   

The first house approval was on September 22,1964, for Coral Hills Drive and 41st Street.  Three additional red pencil entries that October for houses #2, #3, and #4 showed no addresses but were probably models built in anticipation of the land sale, emceed by Johnny Carson on March 21,1965.  The earliest houses were built in The Hills as they were on one-acre lots that could sustain septic systems.  The Meadows, cited as the first subdivision, had smaller lots.  As there was no City sewer system yet, we can conclude that no houses could be built there in 1964. 

After 1972 Fort Lauderdale entries were listed in separate ledgers as Coral Springs housing starts increased to 3,300, including single and multi-family units.  By 1977 entries accelerated for pools, fences and screened porches as earlier residents added improvements and new owners ordered extra amenities, in track with the improving economy.  The most approvals occurred in 1978, with 4,500 housing starts.  In 1994, Parkland approvals were added to the ledger and began to overtake Coral Springs construction.  The last ledger ends August of 2005.  This primary source reveals how the


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