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June 3, 2009: City Commission recognizes local volunteers on Volunteer Appreciation Day

On Tuesday, June 2, the Commission recognized the Florida Memorial University Lady Lions for their recent achievements on the basketball court. The Miami-based team won the Sun Conference and placed to go to NAIA Division II Nationals in Iowa. Although the team didn’t win the tournament, the Commission wanted to extend its congratulations to the team, as well as to Captain Latara King for recently receiving a leadership award.
The City Commission also recognized four volunteers for receiving the “Bridging the Gap” Award. The City prides itself on customer-involved government and providing quality services to our residents and our volunteers are the heart of our Community of Excellence. The City’s Customer-Involved Government Committee sponsored the Coral Springs “Bridging the Gap” Awards, which were given to the following volunteers:
· Lynne Johnson for her work with senior citizens
· Mary Boast for her work with youth
· Ronni Kessler for working with mentoring
· Rich Gallione for his timeless efforts and volunteerism to the many different groups he serves.

“It’s not just what you’ve done, but the spirit in which you’ve done it and we are so thankful to all of you,” Commissioner Claudette Bruck said.

The Commission also took the time to recognize the Customer-Involved Government Committee for spearheading the efforts to recognize these “Bridging the Gap” award winners.  
On that same note, the City Commission also proclaimed June 2, 2009 as Volunteer Appreciation Day. Volunteers save the City significant taxpayer dollars though the thousands of hours of service that they provide annually. The Commission also recognized Volunteer Coordinator Kim Sanecki for her many efforts in working with our volunteers.

“We’re able to maintain the budget that we have and the fiscal discipline that we have because of the hours that you all put in and you are all representing many other volunteers in the City of Coral Springs,” Mayor Scott Brook said. “So we want to recognize you and thank you for all you do.”
“Volunteers are a very special breed and if they really believe in a cause, often they will do things that paid staff will not even consider doing, and it isn’t just our citizens who put incredible long hours as volunteers, but also many of our staff members. I wonder if you know how much you’ve really touched the person that you are often helping,” Commissioner Claudette Bruck added. “Thank you on behalf of all of us.”

Lastly, the Commission proclaimed the week of June 1, 2009 as Code Enforcement Officer’s Appreciation Week. Code Enforcement Officers provide for the safety, health and welfare of residents by enforcing building, zoning, housing, and other ordinances.

“Some of the work, if not most of the work code enforcement officers do, goes unnoticed, but they are the ones that help keep the City pristine and as safe as it is, so thank you for all that you do,” Brook said.

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