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July 14, 2009: City earns top performance measurement award

The International City/County Management Association recently honored the City of Coral Springs with its Certificate of Excellence for superior performance measurement programs and results. Only 14 jurisdictions received this Certificate of Excellence, the highest level of recognition from the ICMA Center for Performance Measurement.

To earn a Certificate of Excellence, an organization has to demonstrate exceptional practices in several areas, including reporting of performance data; conducting resident and employee surveys; using performance data in strategic planning and decision making; and tracking and reporting key outcome measures. This is the first year the Center has offered a Platinum-level Certificate of Excellence. In the past, the City has earned the Gold-level Certificate of Distinction, previously the Center’s highest honor.

“We are honored that our data-driven, results-oriented organization has been recognized with the Certificate of Excellence,” City Manager Michael S. Levinson said. “This award is a reflection of the business model of our municipal corporation, which focuses on achieving high levels of customer satisfaction in the most responsive and fiscally responsible manner.”

Since 1993, the City of Coral Springs has used a business model to run the City, taking customer input and data analysis into consideration during the formulation of both the Strategic and Business plans. Top-level priorities the City focuses on are identified through customer survey data, an environmental scan and the performance measures.

The Center for Performance Measurement has been paramount in the City’s success, allowing for comparison of City data to other local governments. The Center currently offers its services to more than 200 cities, towns, counties and other local governments in the United States and Canada.

Communities report data for 15 local government services (e.g. police, fire/EMS, road maintenance, park, code enforcement). Data are then used to identify management practices that contribute to high performance so that local governments can learn from each other in a process of continuous improvement.

The Center for Performance Measurement is a service of the ICMA, an organization dedicated to promoting excellence in local government by developing and advancing professional management. Nearly 9,000 local government entities take advantage of training, data and support the ICMA offers.

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