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September 2, 2009: Commission proclaims adoption day and recovery month

During the Tuesday, September 1, City Commission meeting, officials proclaimed September as National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month. During this month, the City wants to remind residents that recovery is possible. Officials also commended those who have faced these struggles and succeeded, and encouraged others to start treatment.

“One of the things that we find in the criminal justice system is that so many problems can be attributed to a drug and alcohol problem and if we can get the folks the necessary help, we know that, many times, they’re not going to end up in the criminal justice system. Our prisons are full of people that have problems with narcotics and it really does start prior to entering the criminal justice system, so I think this is important and it will go a long way for our community,” Police Chief Duncan Foster said.

The Board of St. Andrews Towers took the opportunity to recognize Officer Paul Kempinski for his dedication and service to the citizens of Coral Springs and presented a check for $350 to the Coral Springs Fraternal Order of Police. Officer Kempinski was shot in the line of duty this past May during an armed robbery pursuit. Thus far, he has made a wonderful recovery.   

“The residents at St. Andrews Towers are great and I’ve had the pleasure of working with them at sometimes the best and worst of times, including a large fire last year,” Kempinski said. “Thank you for your generosity. I don’t have words enough to thank you.”

The Commission also proclaimed Explore Adoption Day recognizing that adoption provides a unique opportunity to change children’s lives and enrich the life of the adoptive family.

“As a 25-year guardian al litem, I’ve had so many cases that few end up in adoption. However, I have had the pleasure of some of children being adopted and I can tell you it just makes a world of difference,” Commissioner Claudette Bruck said. “Most recently, many of my adoptions have been by grandparents who have raised their children and who have older grandchildren, so it may never be too late. Thank you for those who are adoptive parents and those who are considering adoption.”

“This year, I’m happy to say, the citizens of Broward County have stepped up and we have adopted a record number of 237 children and now we have to do better next year.” ChildNet’s Vice President of Network Development Larry Rein said. “The City of Coral Springs has been wonderful and we’ve been working with City Manager Mike Levinson and the Police Department to make it a better place for some of our kids here who are very hard to adopt. Coral Springs is the type of community that these kids need and it’s just incredible what you have to offer here. We are so grateful and thankful.

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