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October 17, 2007: City’s Comprehensive Plan goes ‘green’

City Commissioners unanimously approved an amendment to the City’s Comprehensive Plan that would encourage more sustainable development within Coral Springs.

The amendment (4-CPA-07) promotes sustainable development within the City, including LEED-certified projects that mitigate the environmental and natural resource impacts of traditional development. To accommodate this initiative, Commissioners approved changes to the City’s Comprehensive Plan that inserted language in the Conservation, Future Land Use and Transportation Elements to promote sustainable development and redevelopment.

“Through our leadership we will actively encourage energy conservation and urge developers to follow LEED guidelines to practice green building construction,” Vice Mayor Roy Gold said.

Neighborhood & Environmental Vitality is one of seven strategic priorities the City uses to drive policy creation. During a June 5 meeting, Commissioners directed City staff to change the City’s Comprehensive Plan to reflect this need for more sustainable development. The amendment is consistent with the County Comprehensive Plan, the South Florida Regional Policy Plan, and the state’s Comprehensive Plan. And in July, Gov. Charlie Christ signed a legislation directing governments of all levels to do their part to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

"There's a lot of information out there about the benefits to "going green” - we are encouraging developers to incorporate it into their projects to help make long term differences in our environment," Director of Community Development Susie Hess said.

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