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February 8, 2007: Passing of Dr. Steven G. Paul
Veterinarian Dr. Steven G. Paul passed away on February 7, 2007 after a battle against cancer. Dr. Paul was the driving force for the creation of the first dog park in the entire state of Florida. In 1987, he also founded Coral Springs Dog Day Run in an effort to raise funds for pet-related charities. Dr. Paul conducted numerous training sessions with the Coral Springs Fire and Police Department and gave hundreds of hours of service to the City because of his love for animals. Looking back, Dr. Paul served as a very active member of the Civic Culture and Education Cultural Foundation, which was the predecessor of the Museum of Art Board of Directors. He also participated in Vision 20/20, and served for the Coral Springs Chamber of Commerce and the Coral Springs Economic Development Council. “He has helped plow the way for much of what we have been able to accomplish in recent years and for that we are eternally grateful,” City Manager Michael Levinson said. For all of his efforts and involvement, the City Commission gave a special proclamation on February 6, proclaiming that the dog park in the Sportsplex shall be named Dr. Steven G. Paul Dog Park. The entire commission also expressed their gratitude for everything Dr. Paul has done for the City of Coral Springs, while Dr. Paul listened from his hospital room at Coral Springs Medical Center. “The dog park is a fantastic representation of what a small group of supporters can do in a city like Coral Springs,” said Vice Mayor Roy Gold. “You are leaving behind a legacy and I can’t list all the parts of the community that you’ve touched,” said Mayor Scott Brook. “We love you and we appreciate everything you’ve done.”

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