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October 19, 2007: City building will feature energy efficient roof

The new home of Coral Springs Police Department’s Volunteer Services will be the first City facility to have an environmentally friendly rooftop. It was the most fitting proposal for the retrofit of the 35-year-old building, which used to be the Teen Center.

Murton Roofing Corp., a division of Tecta America, was initially contacted to install a standard 20-year roof, but Sales Associate Michael McCane suggested a ‘green’ roof instead. The City, which has always been ahead of the environmental curve, gave the thumbs up. The white FB-600 Ultra Mil Fleece-Back TPO Membrane that will be installed as the roof will reflect heat, thus cooling the building and producing an energy savings of up to 15 percent. A similar roofing technique was used on the Olympic Oval building during the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics Games.

“Lots of cities are going green across the nation,” McCane said.

That’s probably due to the many benefits green alternatives have to offer. In addition to doubling the life expectancy of the roof, they offer environmental benefits, such as reducing greenhouse emissions.

The installation will begin mid-October, and is expected to finish by mid-November. The building is located in Mullins Park at 10000 N.W. 29 St.

“We hope this becomes a trend throughout our City,” Facilities Superintendent Bill Wolf said.

Florida Power & Light is also hopeful and is rewarding business and homeowners alike for going green. In the City’s case, Murton Roofing Corp. is working with FPL, who is granting the City a rebate incentive of .45 cents per square foot.

For more information on how you can be rewarded, visit 

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