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With the Special, Primary and General Elections approaching and candidates starting to campaign, the City of Coral Springs would like to make sure candidates and political supporters are aware of our Election Sign Policy. The policy is as follows: 

  • Prior to posting an election sign, each candidate, campaign chairperson, firm or corporation must file with the City’s Code Enforcement Division and provide a local address and telephone number at which he/she can be reached during normal business hours regarding a violation.

  • Except for window signs, a cash bond of $250 is required for each election campaign. This bond shall be conditioned upon the removal of all political signs of that candidate within ten (10) days of the election. Failure to remove all signs will result in removal by Code Enforcement and the bond will be forfeited. The cash bond will be returned thirty (30) days after all signs have been removed. The bond may be waived if the candidate can demonstrate that it would cause financial hardship.

  • Checks to be made payable to the City of Coral Springs and must be from the Campaign Fund.

  • Election signs may not be placed on any public property in the City including, but not limited to, signs posted for any local, county, state, national or special district elections.  Election signs placed on a public right-of-way and/or median is subject to immediate removal by the City.

  • No more than one (1) election sign per candidate, measure or issue is permitted on any private property site unless it is a corner lot, in which case two (2) signs per candidate may be placed, so long as there is no more than one sign per street frontage and the signs are no closer than twenty-five (25) feet from the corner or intersection.

  • Election signs cannot be illuminated, reflected or contain any three-dimensional objects.

  • All elections signs must be removed within ten (10) days following the election date.

  • Election signs in residential zoning districts shall not exceed four (4) square feet in area and four (4) feet in height. Election signs in non-residential zoning districts shall not exceed four square feet in area and six in height.

  • Elections signs shall be located a minimum of 10 feet from the curb or the edge of the pavement where no sidewalk exists. Signs shall be located a minimum of three (3) feet from an existing sidewalk, right-of-way or utility pole and away from the street.

  • Except for window signs, written consent of the property owner is required if signs are placed on privately owned vacant property and you must file with Code Enforcement Division.

Violations of this section will result in fines and penalties of not more than $100 per violation.  The City may also draw on the bond towards the payment of any delinquent penalties.

The following election signs are permitted:

  • Election signs as discussed above.

  • Moving election signs, meaning it’s affixed to a vehicle and cannot exceed five (5) feet in width and two feet in height.

  • Hand held election signs, except on the roadway and they cannot exceed five square feet.

  • Window election signs cannot exceed 30 per cent (up to a maximum of six (6) square feet) of the total area of the window, which it is installed.

For additional information on the City’s Election Sign Policy, call 954-344-5964.

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