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Community Involvement Commendation – Officer Kerry Draddy
Officer Draddy is being recognized for her efforts enforcing the ‘Open & Empty’ program. Open & Empty is a program where businesses agree to keep no money in the register overnight. Would be criminals are alerted to their participation by storeowners placing a sticker in a visible area of their business. In 2008 there were 164 business burglaries reports with 25 of them being cash register related. Only 7 of these burglaries occurred after the program took effect in July 2008. Of additional note is that of the 7 burglaries, 5 were not participants in the program, so only two program participants suffered cash related burglaries. Officer Draddy took the initiative to come to all roll-call meetings and explain the concept to road patrol. She continuously updates the businesses and does random checks to ensure compliance. As of March 2009 there were 443 businesses participating in the program. Coral Springs citizens are safer as a result of the Open & Empty program. It is for this reason Officer Draddy is being awarded the Community Involvement Commendation.
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