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Community Policing Award – SGT/Detective Gary Scheetz
At the end of 2009 and beginning of 2010 the Coral Springs Corporate Park was experiencing an increase in vehicle and business burglaries. As the lead detective Gary developed and implemented a plan to analyze existing burglary data in an attempt to predict areas where future crime will occur and intercept the crimes by strategically utilizing specialty unit personnel and unmarked vehicles. The initiative was an immediate success when on the second night of the operation an in progress burglary was witnessed resulting in the arrest of suspect Steven Monillas. Monillas gave a full confession to the incident. Detectives immediately identified Monillas as matching the suspect in another case, despite the fact he would not confess. Upon finding out that Detective Scheetz obtained a court order to derive a DNA sample from him, Monillas made a statement to Detective Scheetz that his DNA will ‘probably’ connect him to additional burglaries at which time he offered to assist Detective Scheetz in regard to other criminal activities that he is aware of or involved in. Detective Scheetz demonstrated exceptional initiative in the development of this operation. It is for that reason he is being awarded the Community Policing Award.
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