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Exceptional Support Initiative Commendation – Hillarey Gentry, Maria Kerner, Carrie Balmer and Jessica Jenkins






On October 23, 2009 communications fielded a call from a Marine Sgt. Scott Pierre, stationed in Africa. He stated he had been in a roll over accident, was unable to move, and in an unknown location. Sgt. Pierre called his wife Mailinda on a satellite phone; she then transferred the call to CSPD at which time the call disconnected. Noticing that the call indicated a local number communications returned the call. On call back, Sgt Pierre's wife was reached. She was extremely upset and could provide very little information regarding his whereabouts as he was on an undisclosed assignment for the Special Forces. Due to the confidentiality of his assignment she could only provide his name and that he was stationed out of Camp LeJune. Communications quickly went online to obtain a phone number for Camp LeJune. After speaking with multiple individuals, contact was made with a Major Armistad. Major Armistad began efforts to contact Sgt Pierre's commanding officer in Africa. In the meantime, out of concern for the well-being of Ms. Belizaire, Communication dispatched officers to her home to check on her well-being. Within one-hour of the original call being placed to Communications, Marine Sgt. Pierre was located via satellite phone signal and was already undergoing medical treatment for his injuries. It was later revealed that Marine Sgt. Pierre was driving on a remote road in Africa when he swerved off a cliff and landed upside down in brush. Due to it being 11:00 PM in Africa, had our Communications Center not notified a member of Sgt. Pierre’s team, he may not have been discovered. Fortunately, while Sgt. Pierre’s injuries are serious, he is expected to make a full recovery. It is as a result of Hillary Gentry, Maria Kerner, Carrie Balmer and Jessica Jenkins quick thinking and investigative skills that Sgt. Marine Pierre was rescued so quickly ensuring a full recovery from his injuries. It is for this reason these ladies are being awarded the Exceptional Support Initiative Commendation.

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