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Exceptional Police Initiative Commendation – Officers Camille Dumornay and Greg Tony
On October 13, 2009 Officers Dumornay and Tony conducted a traffic stop at the 10400 Block of NW 33rd Street. Within the Blue, Mercury Sable were 5 occupants, of which they were able to identify three due to prior interaction: the driver, King as well as occupants MacFarlane and Thompson. After making note of the occupants within the vehicle and what they were wearing, they gave the King a warning and ended the traffic stop. Sensing that the group may be up to some sort of criminal activity, the Officers quickly obtained an unmarked vehicle and returned to the area of the traffic stop. Shortly after they returned to the area, dispatch advised that a strong-armed robbery just occurred 150 yards away from their initial traffic stop. The description of the suspects in the strong-armed robbery matched the description of the occupants in the vehicle they had just stopped. Based on the proximity, description and circumstances Officers Dumornay and Tony were confident the individuals from their traffic stop were the same suspects that committed the robbery. Using the registration information from the traffic stop, the Officers proceeded to the location of the crime. Upon arrival they found, King, Thompson and MacFarlane standing in front of the residence. A show-up line-up was conducted and the victim positively identified Thompson as the suspect that attacked him and stole his sneakers and IPOD. All items were recovered and Thompson was arrested for strong-arm robbery. Officer Dumornay and Tony’s proactive policing facilitated our ability to solve a crime before it even occurred. It is for this reason they are being awarded the Exceptional Police Initiative Commendation.
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