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Team Citation Award – Special Response Team
In 2009, the Special Response Team exceeded their goals and objectives in every stated category. Operationally, the team had a very busy and challenging year. The team conducted 12 search warrants/vehicle assaults for various units and responded to 5 callouts for barricaded suspects or barricaded suicidal suspects along with a hostage rescue incident. The team focused its efforts on training several disciplines this year, one of which was to train in “active shooter response”. The team conducted scenario training at multiple locations throughout the year, which included the CSFD Fire Tower, where active shooter response training was conducted in addition to barricaded incidents as a result of an active shooter incident. The team also trained in active shooter response at the South Florida State Hospital during the multi-agency training day and at Camp Blanding during a weeklong training session where the focus was on “scenario based training”. The CVT operators (Command Vehicle Technicians) focused their efforts on making sure that the command bus is operational and available to respond to all callouts for the special response team and any other unit that requests the vehicle for command post operations. In addition to work related duties, the Special Response Team participated in a number of community events, including: Child Safety Day at the Parkland YMCA, Coral Springs Holiday Parade, The Special Olympics Car Show, Park Springs Elementary School Carnival, Citizens Police Academy, Blood Drive Event, and the team assisted with the delivery of Thanksgiving Food Baskets. All of the members of the Special Response Team, whether they are a support element or an entry team member performed exceptionally throughout the year in order for the team to meet the challenges that were faced and to exceed in accomplishing the goals for the year 2009. It is for this reason the Special Response Team is being awarded the Team Citation Award.
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