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Unit of the Year – K9 Unit/Officers’ Clark, Heinrich, Levin, Logan, Prosper and Sgt. Mock





The K9 Units efforts within 2009 demonstrate why they were selected as the Coral Springs Police Department’s Unit of the year. In 2009 the K9 Unit conducted 758 narcotics searches, resulting in the seizure of 77.08 pounds of Marijuana, 4.29 grams of Cocaine, $123,361 dollars of US Currency and 90 apprehensions. Of the 90 apprehensions only 15 were Bite Apprehensions, which is impressively below the national average. In addition to their routine duties, training was a large focus of the K9 Unit over the last year. The Unit conducted training for all new officers in 2009 and attended roll calls to maintain open lines of communication with Patrol and to debrief incidents. These extended department wide training efforts resulted in a notable increase in apprehensions and seizures throughout the department. Additionally, the Unit developed a 4-hour block of in-service training for 2010 as well as developed a 40-hour;‘K9 Officer Down School’ to train officers in the event a handler goes down from injury. This is of special note as this type of training is the first of its kind within the tri-county area. The Unit’s focus on training did not stop internally. The Unit extended invitations to all agencies in the tri-county area to join them on their training days. This has not only made the Unit more proficient but it has aided in building valuable relationships with neighboring agencies while projecting our K9 team as one of the best in the state. This was evident when the Unit attended the annual ‘National K9 Certification School’. During the school, numerous K9 instructors recommended that our agency host the school next year. Additionally, Sergeant Mock received multiple avenues of correspondence from outside agencies and instructors complimenting the training skills demonstrated by our Unit and going as far as to ask if our Officers could assist with the training of their handlers. In addition to all the aforementioned noteworthy aspects of the K9 Unit’s accomplishments within 2009 it should also be noted that the Unit surpassed every one of their performance goals and objectives for the year. It is for these reasons the K9 Unit has been named 2009 Unit of the Year.


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