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Supervisor of the Year – Tammy Micensky, Sr. Fleet & Facilities Coordinator
During the past year Tammy has worked on the largest construction project in our Department’s history. In addition to her regular job assignments, Tammy has coordinated with the architects, engineers, and Construction Company to keep the job on schedule. Tammy has served as an internal and external liaison to keep everyone informed about construction issues. This project has caused many issues both planned and unforeseen, such as, the building flooding on numerous occasions, power being cut off, fire alarms going off, water cut off, units being relocated, etc, but with Tammy’s leadership, every issue was addressed so that daily operations could effectively progress. Tammy’s extensive knowledge of the building, city regulations, and county restrictions are essential when addressing the needs of the different units housed in the Public Safety building. This year, the janitorial service for the Department was up for contract. Tammy gathered all the necessary information on issues with the current contract; worked with City Hall Purchasing to put out a complete bid package; attended meetings to narrow down the vendors; and sat on all interviews in order to choose the new company. Her diligence saved the Department from renewing a contract with a company who was not working up to the standards in their contract, and to save the City money by choosing a new vendor, for a lower contract price, with a good level of service. In her daily work with all members of the Department, Tammy is a true asset. She will change her schedule in order to accommodate the schedules of both department members and vendors if it will benefit them or save the city money. Tammy makes every attempt to handle items during regular business hours but when this will upset the work situations of units, she often times schedules the work for nights/weekends and changes schedules accordingly. Tammy has demonstrated consistently exemplary work during a very difficult transition time within our Agency. It is for this reason Tammy Micensky is awarded Supervisor of the Year for 2009.
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