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Officer of the Year - Officer Paul Kempinski
On may 23, 2009 at 1856 hours, officer Paul Kempinski, while off duty, responded to an armed robbery in progress involving two suspects with an assault rifle. Officer Kempinski responded to the location of the suspect vehicle crash. Following procedure, training, and his experience, he positioned to assist with suspect containment and scene control. His tactical response and position was fearless and instinctual. Officer Kempinski observed a fleeing felon, drew his weapon, and ensued for apprehension. Officer Kempinski used tactical skill and ability when he recognized another suspect shooting at him with an ak47. While moving laterally to minimize himself as a human target, officer Kempinski returned fire toward his lethal attacker. Recognizing lack of cover in the roadway, he maintained his movement while shooting to minimize himself as a target. Sustaining serious gunshot wounds, officer Kempinski fell to the ground. Paul Kempinski's actions were heroic and fearless. He instinctively responded to both the fleeing felon and the active uncontained shooter. Upon his ambush, officer Kempinski's actions demonstrated his professional ethic, level of training, and commitment to survive with a warrior mentality. Paul Kempinski mentally, physically, and emotionally trained for the worst-case scenario and he survives to tell his story. In recognition of his outstanding efforts and professional example of excellence, Paul Kempinski is named Police Officer of the Year for 2009.
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