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Civilian of the Year- Tom Ciampi

In 2010, Tom Ciampi, Communications Technical Coordinator for the department’s Communication Center, was instrumental in the re-accreditation of not only the communications center, but also for the agency achieving flagship status on its re-accreditation award. 

  • Obtaining State certification from the Department of Health for the in-house training program run by Communications in order to meet the legislative requirement.
  • · Chairman of the legislative committee for the Florida APCO chapter.
  • Liaison with FDLE, the C.S. Fire Department, and Information Services.During all the moves required for the construction this year, Tom was instrumental in physically packing and moving most of the equipment during every change.  The unit had to move equipment at least 3-5 times.  This was accomplished with minimal interruption in unit services, due to Tom's planningAdding the viper 911 system to the unit for future additions of being able to receive complaints via text.

Tom also received ‘The City of Coral Springs 2010 Leadership Award’. For these reasons, Tom Ciampi was chosen as “Civilian of the Year for 2010”. 

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